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    research fields: culture science and culture

    Culture Science and its relevance for understanding the European semiosphere

    Culture Science is the science of the living culture.
    It defines culture as a synthetic body which has to be explained analytically.
    It interprets the cultural expression forms to uncode the meanings and messages of time transcribed in them.
    Culture Science analyses the strong tension and relation between the inner logic of the different expression forms and the outer social reality.
    Culture Science has a bi-directional research perspective: a synchronical and a diachronical. For this double-orientation it uses static - such as axioms - as well as dynamic terms which are needed to analyse the individuality of cultural expressions like style, communication forms etc. Culture Science reveals the specificity of expression media like economy, art, history, public space, politics etc. and explains them as structuring modes of a cultural community.

    Europe as a union of different cultures can be experienced and developed on the meta-level of cultural overlapping. All scientific and intellectual efforts to explain them through a single cultural perspective can merely present an overview of the own cultural scheme; for the construction of an authentic European cultural texture we need spaces of mutual experience.
    The project European Semiospheres started with the aim of creating a European academic space, not primarily for the exchange of ideas but for the dialectical emergence of the participating cultural structure. Through articulation, presentation and experience the participants explored the cultural and academic landscapes of the other field. The starting common interest was followed by the chock of alterity, which in a third step resulted to the discovery of common cultural features.

    With this unique experience we continue our polysemic project to widen the European cultural sphere and to deepen its anchors through the scientific research.

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